Orphan 2 Uni

Mission Statement

To elevate orphaned children into successful university students by providing emotional support, physical necessities and educational opportunities.

What We Stand For

O2U is a non-profit organization that stands for the orphans of Bolivia to have the right to be educated, the right to be sheltered, and the right to be comforted.

Our organization strives to assist orphans in Bolivia starting with the city of Santa Cruz and we hope to expand into multiple locations across the world.

Vision Statement

A Bolivia where all children have equal opportunities to higher education.

What We Are Doing In Bolivia

In Bolivia, we are changing lives and building a close relationship with kids and orphanage owners to understand better their needs. We are bringing supplies in order to improve their living conditions. We are gathering as much information as possible to present the world the actual conditions in which these kids live everyday. Besides crating awareness and informing the world, we are spreading knowledge, love, and provide support to motivate their lives and start creating their way to a successful future.

Synopsis On Orphanages Involved

Casa Maria Jacinta

A dilapidated living space by the name Casa Maria Jacinta is where sexually assaulted girls ages 8-18 years old spend their days in hopes of a better future. The orphanage only receives about $2 per day per girl from the government and little to no other assistance due to the circumstances of the orphanage. The nuns in the orphanage who take care of these girls strive to build a better future for the victims, but upkeep of the home is expensive and the money they do receive goes directly to food, clothing, and housing. This leaves little to no funding for educational efforts. Orphan2Uni aims to provide grants for educational supplies and scholarships to encourage the girls to pursue a higher education at the university level.

Supplies needed for Casa Maria Jacinta include: girls undergarments, feminine products, bathroom supplies, and educational supplies.

Hogar don Bosco

In hopes of helping young boys aged 6-17 years old to see a better day, Hogar don Bosco provides orphaned boys with core values, artistic development, culture, various sports, and formal education. The orphanage houses 200 children at a time and sometimes more due to an influx of poverty in Bolivia. Hogar don Bosco aims to develop the children into socially responsible adults. A way in which the orphanage does this is by educating the children on how to be part of a team to develop social skills. The children play on a concrete makeshift soccer field which leads to injury. Our foundation’s goal is to build a grass soccer field with net goals, lines, and bleachers to encourage team participation.

Supplies needed for Hogar don Bosco include: bathroom supplies, ping pong table accessories, and soccer materials.

Hogar Virgen de la Fatima

Due to the high rates of pregnancy among young girls, there has been a great deal of abandoned children left to their own device. Fortunately, Hogar Virgen de la Fatima provides a safe place for these children with ages ranging from just months old to six years old. The orphanage provides food, shelter, and education for the children. Sometimes volumes at the orphanage can reach up to 60 at a time, making it difficult to give them the proper attention. Caregivers and teachers work together to have only about 20 kids per room but sometimes the rooms reach a capacity of 30 or more. The classrooms are inadequate and their playground is practically falling apart, which can be hazardous and cause injuries. Orphan 2 Uni is working toward providing better classroom and playground equipment for the children to enjoy and be safe in their environment.

Supplies needed for Hogar Virgen de la Fatima include: milk bottles, powdered milk, diapers, bathroom supplies, blankets, baby clothing, assorted toys, and educational supplies.

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