Orphan 2 Uni

To elevate orphaned children into successful university students by providing emotional support, educational opportunities, and resources to satisfy their physical necessities.

O2U is a non-profit organization that stands for the orphans of Bolivia to have the right to be educated, sheltered, and comforted. Our organization strives to assist orphans in the city of Santa Cruz and we hope to expand into multiple locations across the world.

A world where all children have equal opportunities to higher education

We are changing the lives of children in vulnerable conditions by building close relationships with them and the orphanage owners. Doing this, we are able to understand their needs better and bring the right supplies to improve their living conditions. We are also gathering as much information as possible to present the world the actual conditions in which these kids live every day. In addition to bringing resources and informing the community, we are committed to spread love and provide the emotional support they need to begin paving their path to a better future.

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